Approximate Size

40 ft from head to toe

Approximate Weight

7 - 9 tons


Tyrannosarus Rex (T. Rex) was a very big meat-eating dinosaur, also called a carnivore. It would have been at the top of the food chain. It is known to have fed on other large dinosaurs, such as Edmontosaurus, Anatosaurus, and Triceratops, and probably could have swallowed smaller dinosaurs in a single bite. These dinosaurs likely utilized a wide range of habitats. The landscape of their range was very different 65 million years ago, as was much of the world. Scientists believe that the T-rex lived in areas with high humidity and semi-tropical temperatures. They lived in coastal swamps, open forests, and likely remained close to water sources. These water sources likely attracted wide variety of prey for these carnivores to feed on.


Fun Facts!

“The Tyrant King” was the most powerful and intelligent gigantic killer to ever walk the Earth. T. Rex was larger than any plant-eater in its environment. Its jaws were so powerful they could bite off 500 pounds in a single bite! T. Rex’s teeth are the thickest of any dinosaurs’. They could slice meat or break through dinosaur bone.