The largest rain forest antelope, the Bongo is bright chestnut with 12 to 14 vertical white stripes between the base of the neck and the rump. Neck and chest may be darker. Old males may be almost black. Large white chest crescent and cheek patches and ear edges also white. Bongos have a broad nose chevron and legs banded in white and black. Height: 3.9 to 4.2 feet at the shoulder; weight: males – 529 to 890 lbs., females – 462 to 560 lbs. Average newborn weight is approximately 43 lbs. Coat color is similar to parents but lighter. Ears are enormous. Both sexes have horns. Average length is 25 inches; the largest were 39.5 inches. Each horn has one spiral, is ivory tipped and male horns are more massive than females.