Approximate Size

15 - 16 ft long, 5 ft tall

Approximate Weight

550 - 660 lbs


Often mistaken as one of the sail backed dinosaurs. However, its bent limbs indicate it was not closely related to dinosaurs. Reptiles stand like Dimetrodon, however Dimetrodon is actually an ancestor of mammals. Dimetrodon was a meat eater. Its sail was long thought to be a way to heat the animal in the sun. But it is more likely it was a display feature to attract mates...


Fun Facts!

Dimetrodon was one of the apex predators of the its time and fed on fish and tetrapods, including reptiles and amphibians. There was a difference in habitat between juveniles and adults. Younger individuals lived mainly in habitats with plenty of shelters, such as swamps and reed-lined banks. The adults preferred the open areas of flood plains. Their sail regulated its body temperature and also helped this animal choose a mate.