Length – 25” (65 cm); weight - approximately 44 lbs. (20 kg); carapace - smooth, somewhat flattened and is a uniform olive-gray color; plastron - cream-colored, rounded at the front and serrated at the end; in adults, the carapace lacks a well-defined vertebral ridge running down its center, is smooth and unnotched around the outer edge; in juveniles of the species, this ridge is present as well as a notched posterior shell end that is somewhat outspread; juvenile carapaces are browner in color and keeled, which is absent in adults.; head is rather small, its skull lacking several features present in most turtles; nose is slightly upturned and large, and shaped like a tube with wide nostrils; skin is olive gray, the undersides white or pale gray; adult male turtles have a triangular, golden yellow patch covering the whole upper section of the head and yellow markings on each side of the head; females and sub-adults have dull patches and side markings that are barely visible; juveniles have a yellow stripe extending backwards from the eye; tail is thick and longer in males than in females. It extends past the edge of the back of the carapace in males and just barely to that edge in females; legs are dark gray with no patterns; feet are fully webbed and broad, each with large scales on the outside edges (Dawson 1998; Ernst and Barbour 1989; Konstant 2000; Pritchard 1979).