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~Leaf~ Southern Live Oaks Alone

Nothing can compete with the Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) for beauty, shade and wildlife habitat. In spring, however, this giant of the southern landscape presents a challenge: leaf litter! As annoying as this may be, some understanding might be helpful. Live Oaks are truly deciduous trees. The term “live” refers to the tree staying green year-round. Unlike other species, these oaks shed leaves in early spring rather than fall, and new leaf buds appear at the same time, having... Read More
at 3/17/22
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The Rare Butterfly Amaryllis is in Bloom

Fellow gardeners, horticulturists and plant nerds love to grow new plants! And we also enjoy showing them and telling people about them. One such new plant for us has just bloomed in our greenhouse. Unfortunately for you, we do not have this plant in a garden for you to drool over. Someday though. But for now, I can share a photo from the greenhouse and tell you about this really cool plant. This is the butterfly amaryllis, also commonly known as Papilio amaryllis... Read More
at 2/21/22
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How to Plant a Tree in Florida

Providing shade, wildlife habitat and aesthetics; trees are an important part of any landscape. Having a basic knowledge of tree selection, planting and care are important to keep your trees healthy and vigorous. Generally, the winter months in Florida are a great time to plant a tree, though really any time of year works too! Trees should be chosen carefully to avoid having specimens that will one day be too large for their chosen location. Often trees are planted too close to... Read More
at 1/11/22
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Beautifying the Parking Lot

In November, our horticulture team began planting trees in our newly renovated parking lot. The City of Jacksonville Tree Commission awarded us with a Tree Planting Program Grant in October, and our plan includes 246 trees representing 13 species. Of the 13 species, 12 are native to north Florida and one is a non-native Florida Friendly species.    As of December, we have planted 56 cabbage palms, 12 sand live oaks, 12 yaupon hollies and 12 vitex.  Trees... Read More
at 12/21/21
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