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Gardening "Florida-friendly" Around Water

In Florida, it’s no secret that many of us have yards that back up to retention ponds, waterways, or have low spots that never seem to drain. Instead of forcing grass to grow in these hard-to-manage areas, why not create a garden bed using plants that like the extra water and require less maintenance and chemicals? Garden beds at the edge of the water not only enhance the aesthetics of your yard, but also are extremely beneficial to the environment and wildlife. If your yard is at the... Read More
at 5/26/21
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Are You Guilty of Crepe Murder?

By Harry Owens, horticulturist   There are horticultural atrocities taking place all over our city.  I start noticing it in the winter along roadsides, in front of businesses, and even in neighbors’ yards. The offense is the seasonal decapitation of crepe myrtles ( Lagerstroemia sp .), a practice that I un-affectionately refer to as “crepe murder.”  Crepe myrtles were introduced to the United States around 1790 in Charleston, South Carolina and have... Read More
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Ah, Winter~

By Jennifer Best, Horticulture Supervisor   I LOVE this time of year.  Yes, this most-perennials-turn-brown-and-crispy time of year.  It’s a good time for letting Mama Nature cull the weak.  If you want a low maintenance yard, then a mild winter like this should not worry you or your plants one bit. Yes, some may turn brown,  but that’s what perennials do naturally—they need a little dormancy time (a little rest so they can come back next year... Read More
at 1/26/21
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Gardening with Trees: Part Two

  Continued from December's story Gardening with Trees: Part One   Friday, January 15, is Arbor Day in Florida—and you have all spring to plant a tree! Northeast Florida doesn’t boast the selection that more northern states have to offer, but there are still several species of trees that would make a wonderful addition to your landscape: Red maple ( Acer rubrum ) is a common native tree with beautiful spring and fall color; it likes full sun... Read More
at 1/12/21
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