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Are You Guilty of Crepe Murder?

By Harry Owens, horticulturist   There are horticultural atrocities taking place all over our city.  I start noticing it in the winter along roadsides, in front of businesses, and even in neighbors’ yards. The offense is the seasonal decapitation of crepe myrtles ( Lagerstroemia sp .), a practice that I un-affectionately refer to as “crepe murder.”  Crepe myrtles were introduced to the United States around 1790 in Charleston, South Carolina and have... Read More
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Ah, Winter~

By Jennifer Best, Horticulture Supervisor   I LOVE this time of year.  Yes, this most-perennials-turn-brown-and-crispy time of year.  It’s a good time for letting Mama Nature cull the weak.  If you want a low maintenance yard, then a mild winter like this should not worry you or your plants one bit. Yes, some may turn brown,  but that’s what perennials do naturally—they need a little dormancy time (a little rest so they can come back next year... Read More
at 1/26/21
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Gardening with Trees: Part Two

  Continued from December's story Gardening with Trees: Part One   Friday, January 15, is Arbor Day in Florida—and you have all spring to plant a tree! Northeast Florida doesn’t boast the selection that more northern states have to offer, but there are still several species of trees that would make a wonderful addition to your landscape: Red maple ( Acer rubrum ) is a common native tree with beautiful spring and fall color; it likes full sun... Read More
at 1/12/21
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Gardening with Trees: Part One

By Jen Best, Horticulture Supervisor   You look at that brown twig sitting in a bucket of soil at your local plant nursery and think, “Why should I plant this puny little tree?” My question is, “Why shouldn’t you plant a tree?” Trees are incredible. This is a fact. If there were no trees, the world would be a sad, sad place. They take all the carbon dioxide that we exhale every day, along with the carbon dioxide produced from our civilized... Read More
Posted by Morgan Purvis at 11/24/20
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