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Manatee-Friendly Boating Tips

With summer heat in full-swing and our beautiful waterways offering a cool relief, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens would like to encourage boaters to keep a watchful eye out for manatees—especially during the busy holiday weekend.   Here are some manatee-friendly boater tips: Slow down during water activities as much as possible Always follow posted speed zones Wear polarized sunglasses Stay in deep water channels whenever possible ... Read More
at 7/2/20
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SANCCOB – Rehabilitation and Conservation

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens recently had the opportunity to send two of our Penguin Keepers, Roxanne Fleming and myself (Larkin Johansen) , to Capetown, South Africa to assist with the rehabilitation and release of critically endangered seabirds. SANCCOB , The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, started from humble beginnings almost 50 years ago and has evolved into an organization that responds to every oil spill along the entire southern African coastline.... Read More
at 2/24/20
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Saving America's Most Endangered Conifer

Torreya taxifolia , commonly called the Florida Torreya, is the most endangered conifer in North America. A conifer is a type of tree that reproduces via cones instead of flowers and are covered with needle-like leaves. Pine trees including Christmas trees are conifers, and the Florida Torreya is the rarest in North American conifers, being restricted to only a few counties in Florida and one county in Georgia near the Apalachicola River, just west of Tallahassee.   Florida... Read More
at 1/3/20
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