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Help Protect Our Primate Relatives

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is home to many primates, and while they may have similar features, not all primates are the same. Key differences between them give us clues about their evolutionary history, and what is important for their care. Because primates are found throughout the world, different species face different challenges. So, what is a primate? WE are primates! Primates are a group of diverse mammals including lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, monkeys, apes and humans (a type of... Read More
at 9/1/21
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Nine Ways to Curb Your Plastic Use

Plastic Free July is about being part of the solution to reducing plastic waste in our communities. Every piece of plastic that’s been created still exists somewhere in the world. Single-use plastic is made to last forever, yet we often discard it within minutes. Unfortunately, only about 9% of plastic is actually recycled and 79% ends up in landfills or our oceans and waterways—injuring and killing wildlife. Many people around the world have already made steps to reduce... Read More
at 7/16/21
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Prevent Manatee Mortalities

This past winter was a challenge for  manatee s wintering along the east coast of Florida. Hundreds of manatees died in this region and it was so significant that under the Marine Mammal Protection Act it was designated an unusual mortality event (UME), prompting an ongoing investigation and response. Preliminary data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) revealed that a reduction in food availability, mainly seagrass, appears to be the primary cause. Though... Read More
at 6/17/21
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Our Annual Visit from Nesting Wood Storks

The wood stork, Mycteria americana, the only stork native to North America, has been a recurring visitor at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens since the early 1990s. Visits from this species increased both in numbers and frequency since then. Wood storks are large, wading birds found throughout North and South America. This is the only species of stork that is native to North America and breeding rookeries can be found throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Wood storks are listed as... Read More
at 6/7/21
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