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Fewer Than 3,000 Zebras Left

Today, there are 3,000 Grevy’s Zebras in their remaining habitats in Northern Kenya. However, not too long ago, Zebras were present in Northern Kenya, parts of Ethiopia, and Somalia. Because 99% of Grevy’s Zebra populations are in non-protected areas, conserving this species is dependent on community activity and participation. Grevy's zebras are easily distinguished from other zebra species as they have narrower stripes, large fuzzy ears, a brown muzzle, a black dorsal... Read More
at 1/26/22
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Protecting Jags in South America with the Help of Locals

It is no surprise the jaguar, a powerhouse of the big cats, was chosen through a fan contest as our own NFL team’s mascot in 1991. Today the jaguar is a part of the Jacksonville identity. But we are not alone; the jaguar is an iconic symbol of the wild for South America and Mexico, celebrated as a symbol of power.  Like all traits of this magnificent creature, their eye structure makes them perfectly suited for spotting prey in the dark and in the daylight. As the largest cat... Read More
at 11/24/21
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Are Jaguars the Strongest Animal?

The name jaguar originated from the indigenous word “ yaguar, ” which means “he who kills with one leap.” Jaguars are the biggest cat in The Americas and the third biggest cat in the world after tigers and lions. Although jaguars and leopards have similar spots, you can tell the difference between the two based on the size of the cat and the shape of their spots. If you notice dark rosettes and spots on a stunning coat, short legs, and large round head, then you’ve... Read More
at 10/25/21
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The Most Endangered Group of Mammals

When October comes around, people often think of fall, pumpkins and Halloween. However, there is another reason October is special. Every year on the last Friday in October, World Lemur Day is celebrated to raise awareness about lemur diversity and their incredible conservation needs! Madagascar is the only place in the world in which the over 111 species of lemur can be found in nature. Unfortunately, due to threats like bushmeat hunting, deforestation and the pet trade, every... Read More
at 10/22/21
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