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Primates are Smart, and We Can Learn from Them

African Forest opened in 2018 with research and wellness at the forefront of its design. The exhibit design built in choice, challenges and variation which are all fundamental aspects to wellness-inspired habitats. The central Kapok tree provides multiple opportunities for species-specific behaviors. There are portals along the trunk so that the animals that have access to the tree can forage for food. There’s also vertical height for climbing, and a window for trainer-to-animal traini... Read More
at 7/31/21

Honoring Jojo the Giraffe

Jojo was the first giraffe calf born on exhibit at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for the public to watch. She was known for being adventurous and brave with a sweet disposition. Years later while on exhibit, Jojo incurred a common foot injury. The injury led to a remarkable journey to try to get her foot to heal, and keepers had to build on their training methods to tend to her medical needs. The whole Zoo and outside groups came together to try to save her through multiple procedures. For mo... Read More
at 6/21/21