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Why Do Turtles Live So Long?

Goober, our resident Aldabra tortoise, weighs on average around 450 pounds and is approximately 70-years-old. His age is only an estimate, because when he arrived at the Zoo in 1968, he was already an adult. Giant tortoises are the longest-lived land animals, which means he might have another century in him! Currently, the oldest living land animal is a Seychelles giant tortoise named Jonathan who is 190 years old. But why do tortoises live so long? As a rough rule of thumb, animals with a s... Read More
Posted by Emily Long at 1/24/23

Florida Arbor Day: A Tribute to Trees

Trees around the world are essential to daily life and operations ranging from supporting wildlife to many commercial industries. Trees provide food, shade, habitat and materials. They help improve air and soil quality, while also contributing to aesthetics and outdoor recreational activities. Trees positively impact our lives in such a way that many countries globally recognize their importance in observance of Arbor Day, a holiday dedicated to the care and planting of trees! As zo... Read More
Posted by Emily Long at 1/18/23