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Why Are Gorillas Endangered?

Gorillas are one of five species of apes (bonobos, chimpanzees, humans, gorillas, and orangutans). Apes can be distinguished from monkeys and other primates by the absence of a tail after birth. In the world, there are two species of gorillas, the Western gorilla and Eastern (also known as Grauer’s) gorilla, both living in the equatorial regions of Africa. Gorillas are the largest of the ape species, with thick bodies,  wide chests and very strong shoulders. Their families are... Read More
at 9/20/22

How to Kill Plants and Still be a Good Gardener

Let me preface this article by saying that I am NOW a very good gardener. To say that I have had a few plant trials and tribulations throughout my gardening career would be an understatement, but they have made me the competent horticulturist that I am today. So, if you want to join the “green thumb club,” you must be ready to experience the same. The conversation usually starts out something like, “My plant is dying. Will you look at it?” And I say, “Sure.... Read More
at 9/19/22

The Symbol of Uganda: Grey Crowned Crane

The grey crowned crane of Africa is not your ordinary bird. This beautiful crane is the official symbol of Uganda and can be seen flying high on their national flag and coat of arms. Crowned cranes  are one of the most majestic birds in Africa. Their name comes from their beautiful gold-colored feathers haloing their heads. Grey crowned cranes have many names; African crested crane, African crowned crane, golden crested crane and golden-crowned crane, to name a few. Crowned cra... Read More
at 9/19/22