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Rhinos: the Tanks of the Animal Kingdom

What is built like a tank, has thick skin, and can run up to 35 mph when threatened? Did anyone guess a rhinoceros? The second largest land mammal on the planet, rhinoceroses are also known as pachyderms, meaning “thick-skinned.” Elephants, hippopotamuses and pigs are also considered pachyderms. Today, we will specifically focus on the southern white rhinoceros. They are one of the two subspecies of white rhinos. The other being the nearly extinct northern white rhino, of wh... Read More
Posted by Emily Long at 6/21/22

Is It Easy To Care For Bromeliads?

From my very first week working in the gardens, I was mesmerized by all of the different Bromeliads planted along the main path and within the trees. This plant family is so diverse and eye catching. There are approximately more than 2,500 differing species of Bromeliad. Many are bright and tropically colored, but they can vary greatly in shape and size. They are classified as monocot flowering plants and are native predominately to the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They can be grown ou... Read More
at 6/17/22