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What Are Epiphytes?

Epiphytes are a type of plant that grow on the surface of other plants, with the relationship between them being non-parasitic. These plants have no contact with soil, and get their nutrients from the sun, rain, and air, hence the catch-all name “air plant.” Common examples of these native to Florida are Spanish Moss and Tillandsia sp, what most people know as the Air Plant. Both are a part of the Bromeliaceae Family. The epiphyte category can be further broken down into holo-epi... Read More
at 5/25/22

The Tallest Mammal on Earth

Every year, the world looks to June 21 as the first day of the summer solstice. At the Zoo, we celebrate that day for a very different reason. June 21 is World Giraffe Day! This day pays tribute to the longest day of the year with the tallest mammal on earth. This is a very special day because we are very fortunate to have a herd of ten reticulated giraffe! The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is striving to bring awareness to the dwindling population of giraffe in Africa. It ... Read More
at 5/25/22