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The Rare Butterfly Amaryllis is in Bloom

Fellow gardeners, horticulturists and plant nerds love to grow new plants! And we also enjoy showing them and telling people about them. One such new plant for us has just bloomed in our greenhouse. Unfortunately for you, we do not have this plant in a garden for you to drool over. Someday though. But for now, I can share a photo from the greenhouse and tell you about this really cool plant. This is the butterfly amaryllis, also commonly known as Papilio amaryllis an... Read More
at 2/21/22

Meet our Greater Kudu Family

I don’t know if you have made your way to the African Loop lately, but if you look on the African Veldt exhibit you will see one of the Zoo’s cutest little families, the Greater Kudu. Our male is eight years old, the female is three years old, and their first offspring was born this past year on September 30th. You can find these three lounging near the water, munching on some browse or hanging out with their ostrich friend.  Greater Kudu are the largest of the antelope... Read More
at 2/18/22