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Fewer Than 3,000 Zebras Left

Today, there are 3,000 Grevy’s Zebras in their remaining habitats in Northern Kenya. However, not too long ago, Zebras were present in Northern Kenya, parts of Ethiopia, and Somalia. Because 99% of Grevy’s Zebra populations are in non-protected areas, conserving this species is dependent on community activity and participation. Grevy's zebras are easily distinguished from other zebra species as they have narrower stripes, large fuzzy ears, a brown muzzle, a black dorsal s... Read More
at 1/26/22

Calling All Love Birds

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the “love birds” will be out and about. It's time for fancy food, candlelit dinners and chocolates! These are some of the rituals we take part in at this time of the year to show affection and possibly attract a mate, but let's look at some of the wonderful real love birds at the Zoo! These birds take part in monogamous relationships throughout their lifetime and have special displays used for courtship! The scarlet macaw, san... Read More
at 1/21/22

How to Plant a Tree in Florida

Providing shade, wildlife habitat and aesthetics; trees are an important part of any landscape. Having a basic knowledge of tree selection, planting and care are important to keep your trees healthy and vigorous. Generally, the winter months in Florida are a great time to plant a tree, though really any time of year works too! Trees should be chosen carefully to avoid having specimens that will one day be too large for their chosen location. Often trees are planted too close to hom... Read More
at 1/11/22