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Protecting Jags in South America with the Help of Locals

It is no surprise the jaguar, a powerhouse of the big cats, was chosen through a fan contest as our own NFL team’s mascot in 1991. Today the jaguar is a part of the Jacksonville identity. But we are not alone; the jaguar is an iconic symbol of the wild for South America and Mexico, celebrated as a symbol of power.  Like all traits of this magnificent creature, their eye structure makes them perfectly suited for spotting prey in the dark and in the daylight. As the largest cat... Read More
at 11/24/21

A Plant that Can Lose 97 Percent of its Moisture?

The resurrection fern is one of my favorite plants.  It frequently looks like dead moss coating the upper side of trees, such as live oaks. A few hours after a nice rain, it turns into a lush verdant green coat growing on those same trees. Resurrection ferns do no harm to trees and are not parasitic. They provide their own nutrients from the air and moisture on tree branches. Currently, they are even under scientific investigation for various medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Resurrecti... Read More
Posted by Emily Long at 11/23/21

Observing Land's Fastest Animal

December 4th is International Cheetah Day! Everyone loves a nice animal print to wear; it’s always in fashion. Cheetah print is a popular favorite, especially when visiting the Zoo. A cheetah’s coat has almost 2,000 spots. Each spot pattern is specific to one cheetah, just like a human’s fingerprints are unique to each one of us. But a cheetah’s fur isn’t the only thing covered in black spots, so is their skin! The fur only grows black from the spots on their sk... Read More
at 11/22/21