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How Does the Zoo Feed More Than 2,000 Animals?

All the food that goes to any animal in the Zoo first goes through Jacksonville Zoo and Garden’s Animal Nutrition Center (ANC). The ANC is the area in which all food is stored and prepped for our animal meals. To put it simply, without this team, our animals wouldn’t eat. The ANC opens at 5 am every morning, and staff members are present almost every day until about 4 pm. The first part of the day is dedicated to putting diets out for keepers to pick up, as well as preparing diet... Read More
at 8/31/21

Gardener's Corner: How to Help Pollinators

Did you know that pollinators facilitate 90% of the world’s flowering plant production? And one in three bites of food are directly from pollinators?   Pollinators consist of bats, birds, bees, butterflies and beetles. Throughout Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, you can normally spot our pollinators moving around in the morning from garden to garden, with Riverview Garden being one of the more active areas. It has a multitude of plant species that pollinators tend to go to collect ne... Read More
at 8/25/21

Protecting the Armored Giants

Come celebrate World Rhino Day on September 22nd with our three southern white rhinoceroses at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens!  World Rhino Day celebrates all five species of rhinoceroses. Three of the five are critically endangered, meaning they are at a high risk of extinction in the wild. Although the southern white rhinoceroses you can find at the Zoo are not one of the three critically endangered, they are still near threatened and have around 18,000 individuals, including the subspe... Read More
at 8/24/21