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Creating A Safer Journey for Migratory Birds

We're all enjoying longer days and warmer weather. Everywhere you look, life is blooming, nesting, and on the move. Here in Northeast Florida, an abundance of life is moving high above us. Did you know we are the second-largest migration path for birds traveling the Atlantic flyway? That means millions of birds visit us each spring and fall. Image: Duval Audubon website Maybe you've spotted some of our recent visitors. Robins are an iconic symbol of spring, but Carolyn Antman... Read More
at 5/27/21

Stand Tall for Giraffes

Did you know the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, is this month? This is why we celebrate the tallest land mammal in the world on June 21—World Giraffe Day! A baby giraffe is almost 7 feet tall at birth, and an adult giraffe can be over 16 feet tall. Here at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, we currently have nine reticulated giraffes. Six of them are females and the other three are males. Reticulated giraffes get their name from the large polygonal, rust-colored spots outline... Read More
at 5/26/21

Gardening "Florida-friendly" Around Water

In Florida, it’s no secret that many of us have yards that back up to retention ponds, waterways, or have low spots that never seem to drain. Instead of forcing grass to grow in these hard-to-manage areas, why not create a garden bed using plants that like the extra water and require less maintenance and chemicals? Garden beds at the edge of the water not only enhance the aesthetics of your yard, but also are extremely beneficial to the environment and wildlife. If your yard is at the ... Read More
at 5/26/21