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Celebrating National Pig Day

  Photo by Jackie Schweigerdt, Mammal Keeper   By Allison Liu, Bird Keeper   Monday, March 1 is National Pig Day! Here at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens we have three species of wild pigs in the family Suidae that will be celebrated. The first pigs you might see at our Zoo are the warthogs. Warthogs get their name from the thick protective pads (or “warts”) that appear on both sides of their head. These are used to defend their faces when they’re in rival ... Read More
at 2/25/21

Help the Green Grass Grow

  By Jen Best, Horticulture Supervisor It’s that time of year when the warmer weather is drawing us out in the yard—and the lawn seems to be the first thing on the list of chores.  Here are few tips to save money and water on your lawn before the heat sets in.   Fertilizer First: Wait a month. Everyone gets the spring itch to get out in the yard and start spreading the love.  Studies are showing that lawns are still dormant in March, so you should wait unt... Read More
at 2/25/21