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Eight Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes Born

For the first time in our history, a brood of eastern diamondback rattlesnakes were born on July 27th. Eight snakes have been reported eating and shedding at a healthy rate. At birth, each rattlesnake had a single black “button” at the tip of its tail, which is their first rattle. With each shed, they will accumulate another rattle. Diamondbacks can shed multiple times a year, which is why counting rattles is an inaccurate way to determine the age.      Photo by ... Read More
at 8/27/20

Six Local Lizards You May Find in Your Backyard

Happy World Lizard Day! As you enjoy the end of summer, you may be spending more time in your backyard and meeting new repitilian friends. So let's introduce you to some of the common native and non-native lizards found in our area...   Green Anole They are the only native lizard in the Southeast US that can change color. This is probably why they are commonly called chameleons, although this is not true. These anoles can change from bright green to brown or gray. ... Read More
at 8/13/20

Five Animals Receive Expert Dental Care

Jaguars Harry and Zassi, Malayan tiger Cinta, and American black bears Betsy and Billy received expert dental care, thanks to a collaborative effort between Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and Peter Emily Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF).   “Broken teeth and infected pulp cavities are common in animals in the wild and domestic animals. Root canals require the expertise of a dental specialist, so we were fortunate to have the help of the Foundation,” said Dr. Yousuf&nb... Read More
at 8/5/20