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Five Animals Receive Expert Dental Care

Jaguars Harry and Zassi, Malayan tiger Cinta, and American black bears Betsy and Billy received expert dental care, thanks to a collaborative effort between Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and Peter Emily Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF).   “Broken teeth and infected pulp cavities are common in animals in the wild and domestic animals. Root canals require the expertise of a dental specialist, so we were fortunate to have the help of the Foundation,” said Dr.... Read More
at 8/5/20
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The Bird Behind the Mustache

Since 2017, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has hatched 8 Inca tern chicks. Inca terns are medium-sized and somewhat colorful sea birds that are piscivores. Meaning, they primarily consume a variety of fish. When hunting for prey in the wild, they swoop down from the air to snatch small fish just below the water's surface. Here at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, their favorite fish are silversides. However, their favorite treat is a bug called the superworm.   Inca Tern Chicks ... Read More
at 7/29/20
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Saving One of the Rarest Snakes in North America

Happy World Snake Day!  Snakes, just like all wildlife, are threatened by issues in the wild that affect their populations, but many do not recognize the needs of these unique creatures. We are proud to participate in the conservation of the Louisiana pine snake (LPS) and celebrate the release of four LPS into the wild on June 4, 2020 that we hatched right here at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens!    Photo by Cayle... Read More
at 7/16/20
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Black-faced Ibis Chicks

In 2019, for the first time in Zoo history, we welcomed two Black-faced ibis chicks. In 2020, we were lucky to hatch four chicks! Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has been one of few zoos in North America to successfully hatch Black-faced ibis. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has three pairs of adult Black-faced ibis. Two of the pairs currently have chicks. The hatchlings were born from late March to early April. The parents: Mr. and Mrs. Granger, are raising one chick, while parents: Lily and... Read More
Posted by Sarah Hiers at 7/10/20
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