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Prevent Manatee Mortalities

This past winter was a challenge for  manatee s wintering along the east coast of Florida. Hundreds of manatees died in this region and it was so significant that under the Marine Mammal Protection Act it was designated an unusual mortality event (UME), prompting an ongoing investigation and response. Preliminary data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) revealed that a reduction in food availability, mainly seagrass, appears to be the primary cause. Though... Read More
at 6/17/21
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Our Annual Visit from Nesting Wood Storks

The wood stork, Mycteria americana, the only stork native to North America, has been a recurring visitor at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens since the early 1990s. Visits from this species increased both in numbers and frequency since then. Wood storks are large, wading birds found throughout North and South America. This is the only species of stork that is native to North America and breeding rookeries can be found throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Wood storks are listed as... Read More
at 6/7/21
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Creating A Safer Journey for Migratory Birds

We're all enjoying longer days and warmer weather. Everywhere you look, life is blooming, nesting, and on the move. Here in Northeast Florida, an abundance of life is moving high above us. Did you know we are the second-largest migration path for birds traveling the Atlantic flyway? That means millions of birds visit us each spring and fall. Image: Duval Audubon website Maybe you've spotted some of our recent visitors. Robins are an iconic symbol of spring, but Carolyn... Read More
at 5/27/21
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Stand Tall for Giraffes

Did you know the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, is this month? This is why we celebrate the tallest land mammal in the world on June 21—World Giraffe Day! A baby giraffe is almost 7 feet tall at birth, and an adult giraffe can be over 16 feet tall. Here at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, we currently have nine reticulated giraffes. Six of them are females and the other three are males. Reticulated giraffes get their name from the large polygonal, rust-colored spots... Read More
at 5/26/21
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