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Extra TLC for Goober the Aldabra Tortoise

Greetings Goober fans! In mid-March, Goober had surgery to remove a mass on his tail. In order to monitor him and keep his surgery site clean, he has checked in for an extended stay at our animal hospital where he can be most comfortable. So what have we been doing to keep Goober happy and healthy?      Goober loves taking his medicine in a banana, a special treat for him, which he receives each morning. He gets daily visits from... Read More
at 5/1/20
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Everyone, meet Trixie. 👋 Trixie is a triceratops .  She's from the Late Cretaceous period and lived 65 million years ago! That's  65,000,000  years ago!!  But guess what!? Right now, she's here at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.        Trixie loved making all kinds of friends at the Dinosauria Ranger Station. Kids would stop to say hello before they travelled back in time to become Junior... Read More
at 4/21/20
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Zoo Celebrates Bittersweet Vulture Hatching as Wild Population Suffers

For the first time in our history, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has welcomed a Lappet-faced vulture chick into the world! The female chick hatched to parents Kruger and Hathor, on February 12, 2020. They have been doting, loving parents to their new bundle of joy. Although the chick is still being brooded, at times the chick can be seen on exhibit when the parents are feeding it or changing brooding duties.    Vulture chick on... Read More
at 4/3/20
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Conservation of Striped Newts

Hello there! My name is Claire Chinery, and I am a Herpetology Keeper here at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Specifically, I work with our amphibians at the Amphibian Conservation Center at the Save the Frogs building, and today I'd like to tell you about some of the rarest members of our amphibian collection - striped newts! Striped newts live in Florida and Georgia, breed in temporary wetlands in sandy pine forests, and get their name from their handsome red stripes down their... Read More
at 3/18/20
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