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Wish List

Enrichment Wish List

Enrichment is an integral part of the daily care of the animals at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. It helps animals demonstrate their natural behavior, adds variety to their day, allows them exercise, gives them choices in their environment, and enhances their well-being. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ Wish List is formed of enrichment items we use to keep our animals happy and healthy. Your gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For questions or to donate, contact Development at (904) 757-4463, ext.196 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens also welcomes donations from the public of the following items:

Sensory enrichment
Spices, of any kind, especially cinnamon, clove, nutmeg.
Perfumes, of any kind, these can be already opened, but in original container.
Polished stainless steel mirrors
Disney or nature DVDs

Dietary enrichment
Please note: To ensure our animals’ well-being, we cannot accept homemade or expired items.
A-1 sauce
Soy sauce
Hot sauces, or similiar
Dried fruits, in unopened packages
Sugar free juice (must be 100% juice)
Regular juice (must be 100% juice)
Sugar free jelly
Grape jelly, regular
Creamy peanut butter
PediaSure (banana or strawberry)
Mango or Papaya baby food

Physical enrichment
Milk crates
Laundry baskets
Blankets, clean, or used
Towels, clean, used

Non-toxic (child-proof) paints

Other Zoo Needs

Digital Video Camera
5 Vacuum cleaners
Wet/dry vac
Industrial brooms
Floor squeegees
Leaf blower (gas or rechargeable not electric)
Mop buckets
Pressure washer (min 2500 psi)
Spotting scope

We also welcome gift cards from home improvement and pet stores!