Request a Donation

Due to the high volume of requests, the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens has guidelines which must be followed in order to qualify for a donation.

1. All requests must be submitted to us in writing a minimum of one month in advance of the desired deadline date in order for us to make a donation. They may mail, fax or email their requests, but they must be on the organization’s letterhead that is requesting the donation.

2. All donation requests should be directed to the Marketing Assistant.

3. Donation requests can only be approved to other non-profit organizations, churches and schools, a 501c3 or 301c3 organization (including church schools and private schools as well as public schools) for fundraising events benefiting the community, families or children.

4. Each non-profit organization can receive only one donation per fiscal year.

5. The following groups are not eligible to receive donations: for-profit organizations; individuals or individual families; and political parties.

6. We will donate one family four-pack for each qualified request. We do NOT donate Zoo memberships.


Letters of request can be emailed to, faxed to 904-757-4315 or mailed to:

Ticket Request
370 Zoo Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32218