Africa Loop

Guests can walk along the 1,400-foot long boardwalk and see the animals in their large, open environment called the Plains of East Africa.

The wart hog exhibit is to your right as you enter the loop.
The bongo exhibit is in the center of the loop around the Plains. Home to eastern bongo and southern ground hornbills, the exhibit is spacious and tree-shaded. It is also home to a wild breeding colony of the endangered wood storks.

A pair of our saddle-billed storks is in the area across from the antelope exhibit. This rare stork species is the tallest of the African storks. Wattled cranes, the rarest of the African cranes, also occupy this area.

The cheetah exhibit is a 300-foot long, 50-foot wide area. It is home to two male cheetahs, one of whom walks with a limp due to a injury when he was just a cub. White rhinoceros, greater kudu, and ostrich inhabit three exhibit areas that encompass a 2.5-acre area, allowing plenty of room for the animals to roam.

An okapi exhibit and a Grevy’s zebra exhibit are further along the boardwalk.

Elephant Plaza offers an intimate view of the elephants and their 275,000-gallon pool. Jacksonville Zoo is home to three African Elephant females and one male.  Included in the same area is the African Reptile Building, home of some of the world’s deadliest snakes, such as vipers, cobras and mambas. In the Plaza, there are vultures, bats, klipspringers and other animals.

Mahali Pa Simiba (“Place of the Lion” in Swahili) is the one-acre home to our lions. These lions can be viewed from the overlook on the boardwalk or in a viewing area along the main path. Make sure to look for our three new lion cubs on exhibit daily.

Siamangs live in the area in front of the lions’ area.

The highly endangered Amur leopard is at the end of the Africa Loop and can be viewed from the gazebo or along the main path.

Bongo, Eastern


Cobra, Egyptian

Cobra, Red-spitting

Crane, East African Grey-crowned

Elephant, African

Hyrax, Rock

Kudu, Greater

Leopard, Amur


Lizard, Girdled

Lizard, Western Plated

Mamba, West African Green

Mantella, Bronze-backed



Python, African Rock

Rhinoceros, Southern White

Snake, Eastern Coral

Tortoise, Aldabra

Tortoise, Pancake

Viper, African Bush

Viper, Gaboon

Vulture, Lappet-faced

Vulture, Palm-nut


Zebra, Grevy's