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Range of the Jaguar Events

Range of the Jaguar Day Event
Winner of the coveted AZA “Exhibit of the Year” award, this 4 acre exhibit replicates a weathered Mayan village, complete with terracotta tile roofing, walls with exposed brick, soothing fountains and twinkling lights strung between the swaying palm trees.  Jaguars are the focus of this exhibit and their lighted enclosure, complete with rocky waterfalls, is majestic by night. 

Event in front of the AviaryAlong the River’s Edge, your guests watch as the Baird’s tapirs, anteaters, Howler monkeys and capybara prowl.  The free-flight Emerald Forest Aviary, open until dark, allows for an up-close view of various South American birdlife. 

The Lost Temple, a replica of an ancient Mayan ruin, houses snakes, bats, frogs and sloths and is the perfect spot for cocktails, Hors D’oeuvres, or dinner.  The earthen walls, scrawled with ancient symbols and the gentle hum of the exotic life keep conversation flowing. Jaguar, anteaters and Howler monkeys can be seen through large viewing windows.  Up to 40 guests can be accommodated in this venue.

A full suite of themed restrooms are directly on-site for your convenience.  A stone stage, carved with South American deities, is the perfect place for live music, a DJ, a wedding ceremony and more.  The Palm Plaza restaurant, with floor-to-ceiling windows into the Jaguar exhibit, can seat your party, or host your buffet line.  Round tables nestle between palm trees in the cobble-stoned courtyard for outdoor seating are available for casual or formal affairs.

Seating capacity varies based on event.