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Home School:  Frequently Asked Questions

Home School:  Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to change my child’s class date, is that option available?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate changes to your scheduled day of classes.  You will register for the Tuesday series, the Wednesday series, or the Thursday series and attend all six classes on that program day.

I am new to the program.  How do you screen your staff?
All staff educators and classroom volunteers are screened for excellence in children’s programming.  All have had previous experience with children and have cleared nationwide, state and FBI Level 2 background checks as prescribed by the State of Florida’s Jessica Lunsford Act.

May I sit in the class with my child?
Our programs are designed for children who are able to be successful in group oriented programs without parent involvement.  Space in each classroom is limited and due to the popularity of the classes, most fill to capacity thus not permitting extra persons to sit-in.

My child has a younger sibling or friend.  Can they attend this program together?
With proper justification older students may be allowed to attend class for younger students, but younger students are not allowed to attend classes developed for older students. Our classes involve exciting, hands-on learning that is age appropriate.  We reserve the right to cancel the registrations of children registered in sessions that do not match their age/grade.

Where are the classes held?
All classes begin and end at the PepsiCo Foundation Education Campus located at the south end of the Zoo’s main parking lot. 
Map to Education Campus

What is your behavior policy?
To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all children, the Zoo’s staff manages child behavior.  All children are expected to behave appropriately, and in the event of disruptive behavior, a child may be timed-out and removed from the group.  If the disruptive behavior continues, the child-care provider (parent, guardian or chaperone) will be called to help find a solution.  If improvement is not realized immediately, the child-care provider may be asked to pick up the child early from the program and the child may be asked not to return.  In this situation, there will be no refunds for any days missed.

Can you accommodate children with special needs?
Please indicate on the registration form any special needs our staff must be made aware of prior to your first day.  Special needs such as physical, academic, and social will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  Please note that the Zoo does not employ specific individuals certified and trained to handle special needs children, but we have extensive experience accommodating many special needs students.