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Zoo Camps

When school is out, Zoo Camp is IN!  Nowhere else on the First Coast can your child spend all week nose-to-nose with an elephant, toe-to-toe with a flamingo, neck-to-neck with a giraffe, eye-to-eye with an anaconda or shoulder-to-shoulder with a gorilla!  All of our programs include Zoo tours, activities & games, crafts and hands-on encounters with animals everyday. 

This year Winter Camp will take place on December 19th and January 2nd.
Winter Camp is available to children ages 5-12 and will run on December 19th and January 2nd.  Regular camp hours are 9am-3pm with extended care available from 8am-9am and 3pm-5pm.  Campers can sign up for either one or both dates.  Each day at camp will include trips inside the Zoo, behind the scenes excursions, hands-on animal encounters, activities and a take-home craft. 

Each day will take a new look at the topic, so campers who come for both days will learn new information and see different things. Every day at camp will include trips inside the Zoo, behind the scenes excursions, hands-on animal encounters, and a take-home craft or activity.


Hours: 9 am - 3pm

Extended Care: available from 8 am - 5pm, $10/day

Pricing: $50/day: non-members, $45/day: members

Cozy Coverings (ages 5-6) - Snuggle up in your warmest coat and join us for camp!  We’ll be looking at the wide variety of ways warm-blooded animals use their coverings—and it’s not just for keeping warm!  From camouflaging to protection, we’ll learn about the ins and outs of fur on December 19th and feathers on January 2nd. 
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Animal Families and Friends (ages 7-9) - The holiday season is a time for families and friends to come together.  This camp will take a closer look at animal family structures on December 19th as we explore unique relationships with mothers, fathers, and siblings in the animal world.  On January 2nd, we’ll learn about unique animal “friendships” in nature including symbiotic relationships, as well as unusual anecdotal animal “friendships.”
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Amazing Animal Journeys (ages 10-12) - For many families, holiday plans include travel.  This camp will explore some of the reasons animals “travel” or migrate- food, water, raising young, and more. We’ll also look at ways that our campers can get involved with helping increase our understanding of migrations through work as citizen scientists.  Join us as we learn about journeys near (December 19th) and far (January 2nd). 
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