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Zoo Camps

When school’s out, Zoo Camp is IN!  Nowhere else on the First Coast can your child spend all week nose-to-nose with an elephant, toe-to-toe with a flamingo, neck-to-neck with a giraffe, eye-to-eye with an anaconda or shoulder-to-shoulder with a gorilla!  All of our programs include Zoo tours, activities & games, crafts and hands-on encounters with animals everyday.  Members of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens receive discounts on Education Programs and FREE admission every time they visit. Become a Member today and take advantage of the discount right away!

Courtesy of Ichabod Ink, the first and only website for kids who want to be veterinarians.  http://www.ichabodink.com.

This year Winter Camp will take place on December 19th and January 2nd.  Look for more details on themes and registration soon!

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