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Green Team

Green Team


Working towards making sure we are operating the Zoo in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, making the Zoo an educational resource for sustainable practices, and setting an example for the community.

2011 Green Team Accomplishments:

  • Partnered with CSX Corporation to add 3 new solar powered lights to the Zoo’s parking lot for improved guest safety and comfort, bringing total number of solar lights to 5
  • Added a rain barrel to the PepsiCo Foundation Education campus to increase water conservation efforts and provide a demonstration for conservation-based education
  • Received CleanZone Certification Level 1 and 2 Awards from Janpak, Inc. for the Trout River Grille and Palm Plaza Café implementation of a green cleaning program, a chemical dilution control program, a waste reduction program, and the use of sustainable products
  • Increased Zoo participation in community conservation efforts such as the San Marco library bio-swale/rain garden and the North Florida Green Building Council’s Sustainability Resource Center
  • Improved and expanded internal recycling and trash collection methods
  • Added bicycles to the fleet available to Zoo staff to reduce dependency on electric golf carts and gasoline powered vehicles
  • Began installation of a Green Roof over the goat yard area of Play Park to improve rainwater management efforts and provide an opportunity for conservation-based education

2012 Green Team Goals:

  • Create a culture of conservation by frequently reminding Zoo staff of simple waste reduction techniques like printing on the reverse side of paper and asking other departments for excess supplies before purchasing new
  • Raise green awareness throughout the Zoo with reminders to limit resource consumption on paper towel dispensers, light switches, supply order forms, etc.
  • Incorporate green awareness in volunteer and new hire orientations
  • Explore ways to increase visiting students’ green participation and involvement
  • Continue to evaluate office and restaurant supply orders to ensure the use of the greenest available options; Include exploration of the next step in green certification for Zoo restaurants
  • Explore storm drain signage to remind guests of the connections between storm drains and our rivers
  • Continue to reduce waste stream

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