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August 2012 - Jacksonville Zoological Society Objectives 1971

Jacksonville Zoological Society Objectives 1971

  • To create a major attraction and educational facility to warrant increased attendance
  • To foster educational programs for all ages
  • To encourage and cause more out-of-state visitors to stop and visit Jacksonville
  • To assist in the preservation of animal species
  • To provide an interesting horticultural display
  • To build pride amongst the citizenry in its zoos and gardens
  • To contribute to the economic welfare in Jacksonville

It is interesting that since the Zoological Society took over the day-to-day management of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, there has been a strong commitment to education. Last year the Zoo’s education department presented programs to about 55,000 children and adults, and thatis not counting the Duval County student groups that come to the Zoo for free as organized school groups each year, nor all of our other visitors!

A strong commitment to economics has also always been part of the Zoological Society’s objectives. Over the last four years, when many of even the largest zoos have been suffering financial hardship, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has finished in the black every year but one, and came very close the year it didn’t. Remember, our Zoo receives less than 10% of its budget each year from our city/county government. All other funds are raised by the Zoo or by the Society each year.

Although not recognized as a Biological Garden by the City of Jacksonville until 2004, it is also interesting to note that “horticultural display” was already an important objective for the new Jacksonville Zoological Society in 1971.

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